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World-Class Security Services

Dale W. Waldo established Archangel Security Consulting, Inc. in Fenton, MI with the goal of protecting the people, places, and ideas that drive your business. His company is the culmination of street and special operations experience, as well as marketing and skills training. Dale is capable of addressing threats in a fast-paced environment. His clients include corporate executives and movie production companies.

Archangel Security Consulting, Inc. specializes in executive protection, crisis mitigation, and intellectual property. He can provide top-tier protection services without disrupting the natural flow of your event or business operation. His knowledge, education, and out-of-the-box thinking have always been invaluable assets to clients across the country.

Dale is a retired police officer. He wanted to bring his skill set to the private sector after getting a master’s degree in criminal justice. In 2006, his vision materialized when he founded Archangel Security Consulting, Inc. Currently, he is focused on his doctoral research on active shooter mitigation and special operations team leadership traits.

Archangel Security Consulting, Inc. is a group of security professionals who bring practical frontline experience, comprehensive education, and collaboration to the table.

Training Credentials

Continuous improvement has always been a priority for Archangel Security Consulting, Inc. The Firm has taken invaluable SWAT training, FEMA continuing education, as well as Advanced Training at Thunder Ranch, Oregon.

Industry Affiliation

Archangel Security Consulting, Inc. is a proud member of the American Society of Industrial Security, National Tactical Officers Associations.

Core Skills

Archangel Security Specialists are proficient in weapons and can handle rifles, handguns, and automatic arms. They are also knowledgeable about less lethal weapons, security strategy, and mitigation, and they can provide K9 services.

Field Experience

Archangel Security Specialists are highly experienced in emergency management response situations. They have performed high-risk building penetration, executive protection, and can provide products and training.

Academic Background

Dale W. Waldo has a BA in Psychology from UCLA, MS in Criminal Justice/Security Management from MSU, and a PhD in Emergency Management from Capella University.

Patrol and Special Operations

As a patrol and SRT/SWAT officer, Dale has gained hands-on skills and experience in high-stress special operations. His transition to BAE systems/Safariland exposed him to different strategies from police and military units nationwide.

Why Hire Archangel Security Consulting, Inc.

Archangel Security Consulting, Inc. has the ability to recognize, prepare, and provide protection from possible crises and emergency situations.

Executive Protection

Security Specialists will take care of your VIPs and other prominent individuals

Set Protection & Location Scouting

Security Specialists will ensure that the whole movie production set is secure.
Security Specialists will send an advance party to your specified location.

Products & Training

For this service contact us at

Drone Services

Security Specialists will provide remote-operated drones for additional surveillance